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We worked in a team and discussed all of the things that we LOVE about our school. These are the resons why Djanogly Strelley Academy is SO great...





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Why do we LOVE Djanogly Strelley Academy? 

“Friends, you get to make new friends and explore new things.”

Carla Lee, Year 6.


“Being friends.”

Maisie, F1.


“When new people come to our school and we can make friends.”

Sherrika, Year 2.


“Reading school books. They’re interesting and they are good to read.”

Julia, Year 3.



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"Celebration days, fairs, sports day, Polish days. We get to try new things.”

Titsi, Year 6.



Ella, F2.


“Painting and drawing.”

Chloe, Year 3.


“Art because we get to paint.”
Donte, Year 2.




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“Team work and how connected we are.”

Jordan, Year 6.


“R.E, we learn about all religions.”

Joseph, Year 5.



Zofia, F2.

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“Computer club is nice.”

Symon, Year 2.

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“The teachers are so kind.”

Riley, Year 2.

“Topics. New stuff and fun.”

Kalone, Year 6.

“Classrooms, they are bright and decorated.”

Abby, Year 5.

“Science, we try new things out.”

Yu, Year 4.

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“Outdoors. It’s not a boring school with just a building.” Alexandra, Year 6.

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“P.E, sport is my favourite thing. We have lots of clubs too.”

Kurtis, Year 4.

“Going outside and playing on the apparatus.”

Ashton, Year 5.

“Football at playtime.”

Obama, Year 3.

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