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Foundation 1 - Barack Obama

Autumn 1

Welcome back everybody and a big hello to all our new children! This term we are focussing on 'Marvellous Me'. We want to find out all about our children and what makes the special! We will be learning how to share our toys, painting our portraits and reading new stories such as 'Huey and the new jumper.'


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12th October

This week we have been working hard on our positional language, we helped Quiz get clean by helping his clean under his armpits and on top of his head! We then used positional language on a treasure hunt where we found some exciting snacks! In Literacy we have been exploring our feelings and drew pictures to show what makes us happy and sad. On Friday we had a spooky dress up day to link with our story ‘Funny Bones’. We explored the inside of a pumpkin, made funny bones masks and had red potion water. It was lots of fun!


5th October

We have a new teacher who has joined us this week called Miss Beatty!

We have been practising learning how to pronounce the 'o' sound and writing the letter 'o' during our Squiggle whilst you wiggle sessions.

We have been working hard on our communication and language skills in literacy as our book is 'You choose'. We have been talking about all the different things that we would eat, drink, wear and what we would do for a job. One of our favourite pages was the pet page! We then had a real stick insect come visit our classroom, some of us were super brave and even held it!

We have also been on a virtual walk around Strelley this week on google maps to see if we could spot where we lived!

We pretended to be on the Bake off and we made our own patterned biscuits, they were yummy!

28th September

Autumn is finally here; we know this because all of the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees. Some of us used our strong arms to sweep them up, and others practised their fine motor skills by threading the leaves together to make a wreath. We made patterns with some of the leaves discussing the different colours we could see.

We have really enjoyed our story 'I want my hat back' and we have spoken about the different clothes we wear. The bear then lost his socks and we had to work together to find the matching pair.

We have also begun our 'Squiggle whilst you wiggle' sessions, these will help us with our writing skills in the future.


21st September

Our story we have been learning about this week is 'Huey in the new jumper.' We have been learning about what makes us different and what makes the same. We noticed that lots of us had the same DSA school jumper on.

We have also been busy learning about shapes and made Huey a new jumper. We also went outside on a shape hunt.

In phonics we have been making lots of noise outside using our drumming sticks, we like to hit things that make very loud noises. We also found a special visitor in our garden, can you guess what it is from the photo?

14th September

This week we started our maths and phonics learning. We met our new class friends Leo the Lion and Squeak the Mouse who have been helping us. We helped them sort out who had more and less sweets. We went on a sound walk in our nursery garden, we could hear many birds and we also heard planes. I wondered where they could be going and some children think they were flying to the park!
We also had a pirate dress up day, we pretended to go on a pirate ship and we went on a treasure hunt and made our own maps.


7th September

The children have settled well into Nursery and they have been exploring the environment. Our favourite toys are building with the blocks and splashing around in the water. We have already shown fantastic sharing skills by sharing our toys with our new friends.



Mrs Skilbeck

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