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Djanogly Strelley Academy


Foundation 1 - Obama Class

Welcome to Darwin class!

Our Teacher in FS1 Darwin class is Mrs Skilbeck. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Harper and Miss Virdi.

It is always a pleasure to welcome children and parents at the door in the mornings and at the end of each sessions where we can answer any queries or questions about your child. 


On Thursdays is our 'Stay and read' day. Please stay and read with your child and then join in with our phonics session afterwards! For all the parents who stay, your child will be entered into a raffle that day to win a book to take home. We hope you see you there! 

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. I am loving all the work that has been sent on ClassDojo and seeing all of the amazing work that has been taking place at home. Nursery will be open from Monday 8th June but the hours have been reduced.

Morning Session is now: 8.30am-11am.

Afternoon Session is now 12pm-2.30pm.


At this current time we are unable to offer 30 hours due to COVID19. We look forward to seeing your faces very soon.

Home learning

Dear parents, at this uncertain time we be doing lots of learning using the internet and the resources that you have got at home.
I will be setting challenges via ClassDojo and BusyThings; so make sure you keep an eye on your messages


Summer 2 Week 6


This week we reading another traditional tale, it is about a girl who wears a red cloak, can you guess what it is? It's Little Red Riding Hood. There are lots of different versions of this fairytale, which one is your favourite?

To listen to a version of the story please click the link below or check out the video on ClassDojo!


Home learning challenges this week:


We have some great mathematicians in Darwin Class, can you add these up?


Can you write/draw your own shopping list for when you next go to the shops?


If you met the wolf in the woods, what would you say to him?


Can you make a wanted poster for the wolf?


Can you do some of these challenges in the busy bag?

Summer 2 Week 5

Following on from last week's traditional tales, this week our focus book is 'Goldilocks and the three bears'.



Can you pretend to be Goldilocks and write a letter to the bears saying sorry?


Can you make a wanted poster?


Can you sort the objects by size? Can you things in your home which are small/medium/large?

Summer 2 Week 4


Fee, fi, fo, fum…. Can you guess our book this week? It's Jack and the beanstalk!


Home challenges:


Lots of maths challenges this week!


Can you order the life cycle of the bean?

Summer 2 Week 3

This week our story is 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen.


This week the children in school will be doing the challenges below, we are super excited to explore the sensory below! Don't forget to try these activities at home.


Can you design your own bear?


Outdoor phonics challenges


Can you make your own sensory story?


Can you practice your fine motor skills by drawing a path to the bear?

Summer 2 Week 2

This week our story is 'Dear Zoo', it is one of my favourites, I love animals!

Please see this week's challenges below, do not forget to send me your work via ClassDojo!


1) What animal noises can you make? Upload a video on your portfolio page on ClassDojo!


2) Can you paint/draw/label your favourite zoo animal?


3) Have you ever been to the zoo? Draw a picture of when you went and tell me about your favourite part.


4) Can you make an animal mask?




Summer 2 Week 1

This week our book of the week is 'Pirates love underpants'.

 Here are the learning challenges for this week:



Can you design your very own underpants?


Can you design your own pirate ship flag?


Can you add the numbers together?


Can you create a pirate hat?



Can you design your very own treasure map and have a treasure hunt at home?



Summer 1 Week 5

Can you believe we are already nearing the end of term? Your commitment to your child's learning this half term has been fantastic.

Our last book of this term is one of Mrs Harper's favourites, 'The very hungry caterpillar.'


Here are some challenges you could do at home this week:


Can you make your own story map?


Can you write your very own book review and get your adult to help you?


Can you order the life cycle of a butterfly?


Can you count how many pieces the caterpillar has on its body?


Summer 1 Week 4

This week we are continuing our story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. 

This week I want you to continue practise your counting skills by adding the minibeasts! Can you write the number? 

Can you move about like a minibeast?


Can you make a symmetrical butterfly or ladybird?



Can you design your own minibeasts? Here are some example to help you!


Summer 1 Week 3


This week our book of the fortnight is 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. Mrs Skilbeck has uploaded a video on ClassDojo reading the story or there a link to a youtube version here:


This week to link to our growing theme, we would like you to look for some minibeasts! Which ones can you find? How many can you find? Did you find them indoors or outdoors?

You could have a go at painting/drawing your own minibeast!


On Friday it is VE day so there are some extra challenges for you this week! Can you design a menu for a tea party with your family or teddies?

Can you help make some sandwiches?

Can you make some bunting to decorate the house?

I cannot wait to see how creative you get!




Summer 1 Week 2

I really enjoyed all the hard work that I saw last week! There was lots of writing and some fantastic vegetable superheroes! We are continuing with our story 'Supertato' this week and here are some fun ideas you can do at home, I cannot wait to see them!




Can you name all these fruits and vegetables?


Can you make a wanted poster for the Evil Pea?

Summer 1

Week 1

Hi everybody and welcome back! This term we are looking at growing.

This week our 'Book of the Week' is Supertato and here is a link to our story:

Your challenge this week is:

1) Can you make a list of any fruits or vegetables than you have in your house?

2) Can you design your own superhero from a vegetable?

3) Can you try some new fruits and vegetables?


Don't forget to send your designs via ClassDojo!

Spring 2

Week 2 of home learning

It has been another busy week this week! Another big thank you to all of the parents who are sending photos and messages of all the things you have been up to. Here are a selection from this week!




It is now the Easter holiday's but still feel free to message me on ClassDojo and keep sending those pictures.


Week 1 of home learning
I have been overwhelmed with the pictures of what the children in Darwin have been up to on the first week! It has been fantastic to see so many of you engaging with phonics, maths but also doing lots of play based activities with your children. Here are some of the things the children of Darwin have been up to this week:

Shea has been busy with an ice experiment on how to free his superhero toys! He also been working on his counting skills.



Teddy has been super with phonics and learning drumming patterns! He has also been busy exercising with Joe Wicks every morning at 9AM! Are you and your family joining in too? Let me know by sending me a photo on ClassDojo!


Willow has been looking for signs of Spring at home and used materials to make her very own flower. She has also been baking lots of cakes at home and decorating them.



Spring 2

This term we have been looking for signs of Spring. We are noticing that is getting much warmer and that the sun shines more.

Our focus books this term are 'The 3 little pigs' and 'Whatever next'


Spring 1

This term we are looking at Winter. We are looking at the changes in the weather, we are noticing lots of frost on the ground and we are having to wear our scarves and gloves! Our 3 focus books this term are 'Lost and found', 'Stick Man' and 'One Snowy Night'.


We have been looking at the Antarctica and moving our bodies like penguins!


We also celebrated Chinese New Year by pretending to move like a tiger, we also had our very own Chinese in class, it was very yummy!!


We have been story mapping our brand new story 'Stick Man' and we are building up our vocabulary to retell the story. We have had the opportunity to make our very own stick man, some of them had lots of eyes! We have been practising our Makaton signs for the story, we really enjoy learning these actions, why don't you ask me at home which signs I know. 

Foundation Stage Maths Challenge.

Mr Moses is the school's Maths Lead. 

This for anyone aged 3 - 5 years old. Can you create your own number books?
Choose a number between 1 and 10. Collect different objects to make that number. Can you group them in different ways. Take a photo of your number books and share them with school.
Have a look at this web page for ideas.

4Children Parents EYFS Guide 2015

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