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Frozen Kingdoms

We've been learning about Frozen Kingdoms this half term.

We've learnt so much about the Arctic and Antarctica. Drawing on research about historical expeditions lead by Captain Scott and Shackleton, we've written newspaper reports. Our non-chronological reports about Antarctica and haikus about polar creatures have broadened our understanding about topic words.


We wrote to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and shared our writing with the team currently carrying out research in the Antarctic circle. We were really fortunate to receive a response from the team an learn more about the work that the scientists carry out. We even received an album of photographs that the scientists have taken for their records!


Take a look at the letter we received here:

We now understand the difference between Polar Day and Polar Night and have looked into climate change and polar landscape. Take a look at some of our work we've been doing...

Not only have we been busy with our topic work, but we have been learning so much about Living Things and Their Habitats in our Science lessons.

We have learnt that all living things are classified into groups called kingdoms, Carl Linnaeus created a modern system using Latin to name organisms, investigated different types of fungi and understand the different types of vertebrates.

Here are just a few photos of the fun we've been having in our comparative test to explore what conditions fungi needs to grow on bread and our mushroom spore prints.