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Djanogly Strelley Academy


Year 1 - Hussain and Seacole Class

Welcome to Year 1.


In Seacole class our Teacher is Miss Clarke and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Hazard and Mrs Birkin.

In Hussain class our Teacher is Miss Scott and our Teaching Assistant isMiss Thompson. 



In Seacole our PE day is Monday.

In Hussain our PE day is Thursday. 

Our Topic this term is childhood. In the Childhood project, your child will learn words and phrases related to the passage of time. They will explore artefacts to help them to understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time. They will explore the six stages of life and explore timelines and family trees. Everyday life in the 1950s will be explored, including shopping, transport, family life and childhood. They will also learn about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 by studying photographs and online sources. The children will use maps to explore how places have changed over time and highlight any similarities or differences between childhood today and childhood in the 1950s. At the end of the project, they will create knowledge organisers for children who are about to study the topic of childhood.

Help your child to enjoy our new Topic by completing activities with them at home. There is a list of home learning ideas below. The children can bring these into school to show their teacher and earn DOJO points. 

Knowledge organiser - Childhood

In Science this half term we will be learning about animals including humans - animals. In this unit, learners will know more about animals, with a particular focus on how to care for pets and other animals in different ways.  The unit will lead children from basic identification of animals, through to how animals and pets grow. They will discover the basics of genetics, by studying characteristics that animals gain from their parents. This gives learners a really good understanding of different species and also encourages care and preservation of animals.

In Maths this half term we will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction. 

Addition and subtraction knowledge organiser

In RE we will be learning about Harvest and Milad un Nabi. 

Christian harvest festivals are not fixed in the church calendar. However, many churches and schools in the UK celebrate harvest in September or October. At harvest time, Christians may sing special hymns, display a range of foods and flowers in church, collect food and household items for local good causes or give money to charities at home or overseas.

Different harvest festivals happen all over the world and most major religions give thanks for the harvest at some point in the year. The timing of harvest celebrations change depending on the different seasons and crops grown in each country.

The festival of Milad un Nabi commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. During the festival, Muslims hear stories of Muhammad’s life, visit the mosque, sing songs, share a meal with family and give to those in need.

However, Milad un Nabi is not celebrated by all Muslims. There is no evidence that Muhammad celebrated his birthday, so many Muslims don’t celebrate birthdays either.



Here are some useful websites that you can use to support your child with their phonics learning at home. 



Here are some useful websites that you can use to support your child.