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Djanogly Strelley Academy


Year 2 - Da Vinci and Galileo Class


Welcome to Year 2.


In Galileo class our Teacher is Miss Brown and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Yassar.

In Da Vinci class our Teachers are Mr Brisland, Miss Myatt,  Miss Loach and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Douglas.


Our Y2 Team Teachers are Mr Armstrong and Mrs Clapham.


Summer Term


I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter and had lots of fun!


After a short break, we will be starting to set new activities and assignments to complete on Busy Things and also updating tasks to complete on Mathletics.


Our new topic for Summer 1 will be "How does your garden grow?"

During this time, please explore your gardens, looking at the different plants, trees and shrubs. Do any have flowers? Do they have any seeds that you can see? Why do plants have seeds or bulbs?

If you do go out for a short walk to get some exercise, can you see any other plants or trees. What do their leaves look like? Do you think they grew from a seed or a bulb?


Hopefully all of our budding gardeners can spend some time helping with jobs in the garden too.


Please feel free to message us with any questions you have and also send  photos of the amazing work that you are doing. 


Home Learning


Hopefully you are all keeping safe and well.


Teachers will upload a video every Friday on Class DOJO reading a story. 


We will update the  activities set on Busy Things and Mathletics each week.

  • MathleticsHere is the link to log in to Mathletics


If you have any questions about the activities or would like to share a photo of the work they have done, please send your child's class teacher a message on Class Dojo or post a picture into their learning portfolio and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Class Dojo will be the main way we  use to share other tasks/ games and generally keeping in touch over the coming weeks, as well as keeping the website as up to date as possible.

For the Busy Things tasks, on your account you will get notified of which tasks will need to be completed. Alongside this, you have your set tasks on Mathletics. 


Alongside the online learning activities why don't you try:

  • Getting creative and making a model out of recycled materials.
  • Making something tasty in the kitchen.
  • Doing some gardening.
  • Reading a book to a family member.
  • Creating some artwork.
  • Play a board game.
  • Write a film review.

We will be keeping a track of the activities you have completed on Mathletics, Busy Things and with the amazing photos you are sending us to choose our star of the week.


yesWell done to Leo and Thomas who were our Stars of the week in the third Virtual Achievement assembly.yes


These are some links to reading comprehensions. The children should be familiar with the format because we have looked at examples in class.


These are some links to some Maths questions. 


BBC Bitesize are doing daily lessons on lots of Subjects. This is the link to access the website.


White Rose have excellent Maths resources. This is the link to access the website.


BT have created some excellent home learning resources. This is the link to access their website.

As always, any questions we are here to help either on ClassDojo or call the office and someone will get in touch with us.


Spring 1:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Why is life amazing?

Our Y2 Quest question this term is: Who lives in a habitat like this?

We will explore the difference between things being,living, dead or never alive

We will be learning about the different types of habitat around the world and which animals live there.

We will learn to understand how animals get energy from plants and animals.


Throughout Spring 1 we will be taking part in swimming lessons every Monday at Harvey Hadden.



Autumn 2:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Which year was the best year to be born?

Our Y2 Quest question this term is: What is it like to be a firefighter?

We will be learning about the Great Fire of London. Finding out how it started, where it started and why it was so destructive.

We will read Samuel Pepys' diary and try to learn why it was so important.

We will discover how firefighters have changed throughout history and study the changes to the equipment.

We will be visited by the Firefighters from Stockhill Fire Station. They will talk to us about being a firefighter and also show us round their fire engine.

In year 2 we will also be learning and performing our Nativity show.


Remember to look at the curriculum letter for parents to see all the exciting things your children have been learning each term. Please complete as many Children's Choice activities as you can with your child.


Keep up to date with how many points your child has earned on Class Dojo. If you are having any problems accessing or logging on, please see Mr Brisland or Miss Brown.


Autumn 1:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Where are the treasures of the world?

Our Y2 Quest question this term is: What treasures does Nottingham have??

We have been finding out about countries in the United Kingdom.

We have also looked at the different Treasures that Nottingham has and compared them to the Treasures of Brazil.

We studied The River Trent and compared it with The Amazon River.  

We also had an exciting trip to Wollaton Park in Nottingham. It was great fun to see the Stags up close.