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Djanogly Strelley Academy


Year 2 - Da Vinci and Galileo Class


Welcome to Year 2.


In Galileo class our Teacher is Miss Hargreaves and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Fountain.

In Da Vinci class our Teacher is Mr Brisland and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Myatt.


Our Y2 Team Teacher is Mr Armstrong (Deputy Head).


Summer 1: 

We would like to welcome Miss Brown to the Year 2 team in Galileo class. 


Our Whole School Quest question is: What makes the world work? Our Yr 2 Quest Question this half term is: How does your garden grow?

We will be researching about plants and bulbs. We will be doing a science experiment to see if bulbs can grow without sunlight. We will be exploring our allotment and planting some seeds. We will also be going for a walk around school to look at wild flowers and bulbs. Year 2 SATs will begin on the 17th May. There will be two Maths test and 2 reading tests. The children will do one test a day. To prepare your child for SATs could you do as much reading as possible at home if you're not already. Also continue to practise 2,3,5, and 10 times tables. 


Spring 2:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Who has changed the world the most?

Our Y2 Quest Quest this half term is: Victorian child or 21st century? you decide! 

We will be researching all about the Victorians and how their school and living condition compare to ours today. We will be having a Victorian day which will involve the children coming to school in their rags or dark clothes and experiencing a school day like a Victorian child would of had. There will be an opportunity to look at various Victorian artifacts and to taste some gruel. Towards the end of the half term we will be learning about Christianity and what Christian do to celebrate Easter. 


Spring 1:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Why is life amazing?

Our Y2 Quest question this half term is: Who lives in a habitat like this?

We will be researching and learning about the 4 main habitats in the world. Pupils will get a chance to see some animals from The Desert, The Jungle, The Ocean and the Arctic when we visit Twycross Zoo. We will have a lesson with a real life Zoo Keeper and learn all about how animals change depending on where they live.


Autumn 2:

Our Quest question was What was it like to be a firefighter in The Great Fire of London?

We were visited by A fire engine from Stockhill Fire Station and got to look at all the equipment. We designed and built our own fire engines. We also carried out an experiment to see what the best material was to make a boat out of. During this half term we also performed out Nativity, The Prickly Hay. Everyone was wowed by our beautiful singing and acting.


Autumn 1:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Where are the treasures of the world?

Our Y2 Quest question this term is: What treasures does Nottingham have??

We have been finding out about countries in the United Kingdom.

We have also looked at the different Treasures that Nottingham has and compared them to the Treasures of Brazil.

We studied The River Trent and compared it with Th Amazon River.  

We also had an exciting trip to Wollaton Park in Nottingham. It was great fun to see the Stags up close.



Children have settled in really well into Y2 this half term and have made a great start to the new school year. We look forward to discussing your child's progress with you in more detail during parents evening next half term. 


Remember to look at the curriculum letter for parents to see all the exciting things your children have been learning each term.


Work book day!

Work book day! 1

Victorian day - Galileo class

Victorian day - Galileo class 1

Tywcross Zoo

Tywcross Zoo 1
Tywcross Zoo 2
Tywcross Zoo 3
Tywcross Zoo 4

Proud of our writing!

Proud of our writing! 1
Proud of our writing! 2

Hollie brought in an amazing Robin Hood cake made by her Grandma. Everyone in Da Vinci thought it was really tasty! Well done!

Hollie brought in an amazing Robin Hood cake made by her Grandma. Everyone in Da Vinci thought it was really tasty! Well done! 1

Year 2 Children's choice activities