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Djanogly Strelley Academy


Year 6 - Einstein and Newton Class

Welcome to Year Six.

Our Newton Class Teacher is Mr Chapman and our Teaching Assistant is Mr Bestwick. 


Our Einstein Class Teacher is  Mr Gard and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Spray.


Y6 Team Teacher's are Mrs Clapham (Assistant Head) and Mr Moses.

Autumn 1:

Our Whole School Quest question is: Where are the treasures of the world?

Our Y6 Quest question this term is: Where on Earth would you like to go?

This half term we have been studying different landmarks around the world. 

Some of our key questions for this term were:

What are lines of longitude and latitude? What are they used for?

What are the main symbols used on a map?

What are the seven wonders of the world?

Who was Salvador Dali? What is surrealism?

What are the names of the Hindu Gods? Why does Brahma have four heads?

Why does Vishnu ride on an eagle?

Why is Shiva often shown as dancing? Why and how do Hindus celebrate Diwali?



This is a really important year for DSA children, where we are helping children to prepare for SATs and also helping children to prepare for the next stage of their lives, into Secondary School. Alongside this we will be extending our skills and knowledge through exciting topics and enrichment activities.  

We look forward to discussing your child's progress with you in more detail during parents evening next half term. 


Remember to look at the curriculum letter for parents to see all the exciting things your children have been learning each term. 

Autumn 2

Our Y6 Quest question this term is: 

Year 6 Trip to Birmingham

Spring 1

Our Quest question this half term is What is a Biome?

We will be learning about the 6 main Biome areas and finding out where they are. We are really excited to also be visited by The Wildlife Man who will bring in some amazing animals for us to get the chance to hold.

Into University science week

Into University science week 1