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School Parliament

Our School Parliament Representatives

2020 - 2021


The DSA School Parliament consists of one representative from each Year 1 to Year 6 class and is supported by Mrs Clapham and Nyla, from Year 6, who chairs the meetings. The School Parliament representatives have been elected by their peers to represent pupil views and opinions across school.


Every half term the School Parliament meet to discuss and implement ideas that could help to improve the school. These might be problems that need to be solved or new ideas. 


To get an overview of what is going on around school each representative asks the children in their class for their opinions and these are then shared and discussed at the next meeting.


What does our School Parliament do?

  • School tours for visitors
  • Identify what our class thinks about issues and give feedback at meetings
  • Help organise events
  • Decide on action points for improvements
  • Improve parts of the school that are a priority